Give your awning a long and vibrant life.

Awning Enterprises provides routine cleaning and sealing maintenance.In  fact its our specialty. We know that a clean, attractive awning can  improve the visibility and image of your business or increase the  enjoyment of your home. It is also essential to the longevity of your  awning. Because regular cleaning and sealing are so important, we'll  even contact you when it's time for service. 

Revitalizing your awning.

The cleaning process removes the mildew, bird droppings, daily dirt and grime that can prematurely degrade awning fabrics. 

Protect your investment.

A sealant is applied to guard against harmful ultraviolet rays, dirt, mildew and airborne pollutants.

We use the right products...

We use only APCO products, which have been specifically developed by  industry leaders for the care of awning fabrics. These products are  effective, yet gentle to fabrics and safe to the environment, pets and  lawns. 

... and the right technique.

We clean with a soft brush method. Pressure washing or steam cleaning  may void fabric warranties, because these techniques can stretch, weaken  seams and discolor awnings, damage lettering and remove protective  ultraviolet ray inhibitors. Our cleaning methods are safe and gentle as  the products we use. 

*Recovers: Severely stained or riddled with holes?

When cleaning and sealing no longer helps to bring your awning back to  life or the fabric is getting old and worn out it may be time to recover  your awning. We can recover your existing awning frame and give  hundreds of choices of colors.( solids or stripes) 

*Restitching of seams: Awning coming apart at it's seams?

We can help with that too. Awning fabrics have a long life unfortunately  most threads don't. This doesn't mean it's necessarily recover time  there is a good chance that all your awning needs is some restitching to  help lengthen it's life. We use a special Tenara thread that is  stronger and lasts much longer than ordinary threads. This could be a  fairly inexpensive way to repair your awning.

*Repairs of holes and frames: One or two holes, frame bent?

If you have an awning with a few small holes in it, we can patch those  holes using fabric that is similar or the same to the fabric already on  your awning. ( some older colors and patterns may not be available  anymore)
If your awning frame has a bent frame bar from a tree branch falling in a  storm or from any other reason. There is a possibility we could repair  the frame for you without having to replace the awning entirely,  although in some cases the repair may call for the awning to be  recovered as well. 

*Manufacturing of new awnings: Looking for a new awning or replacement awning?

Awning Enterprises can also manufacture custom-made permanent and  pull-up awnings including graphics and lighting. ( Consultation  provided) Permanent awnings available in many shapes and custom sizes.

*Installation: Have an awning from another manufacturer and need it installed?

We offer installation of any retractable, permanent or pull-up awning.  Although we would prefer if you would have bought it from us, we will  install all competitors awnings as well. ( We only warranty the  installation all other warranty issues must go through manufacturer)